Winter 2003-2004

Volume XVIII, Number 2

In This Issue

A Magnificent English Cathedral by Bruce Carlson

A great work of art is almost always done by a single person. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony wasn’t written by a committee. Same with Shakespeare’s plays. It’s hard to think of any other masterpiece, aside from the KJB, cooked up in this way.

An Educational Pioneer by Elder M. Lindahl

Erik August Skogsbergh was born in Värmland, Sweden, on June 24, 1850. He was converted at age 19, and attended Mission Schools in Kristinehamn and Ahlberg for about two years. Lutheran Pastor, Dr. Olof Olsson, third President of Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, and Covenant leader and Scholar, Dr. P. P. Waldenström, were his life-long teachers and friends.

Karl Olsson Refresher

Covenant Chris Craft University and Pietisten continue this series of selections from the writings of Dr. Karl Olsson (1913-1996). This selection is from Dr. Olsson’s Introduction to Come to the Party, 1972, pp. 9-11.

A Word about Waldenström by Tommy Carlson

Since the first issue of Pietisten (Summer, 1986), we have provided translations from the New Testament commentary of Paul Peter Waldenström (PPW). Perhaps it is time to refresh our acquaintance with him.

Report to Subscribers by Phil Johnson

As I pondered my concern about Pietisten’s institution identity, it dawned on me that some readers and bone fide institutions like library subscribers have other concerns. For example, we have received inquiries about missing issues and questions like, “Is Pietisten still being published?” Given the time between issues, you may question the existence and reliability of this journal yourself.

Health in Grayslake—A Family Matter

Progression of the disease forced Andy to return to Illinois and doctors determined he needed a liver transplant. Marit stepped up as she has done many times in both sports and academic work. She donated 60 percent of her liver to her brother.

Roman Catholic Imagination According to Andrew M. Greeley by Runar Eldebo

In the world of author, theologian, and sociologist Andrew M. Greeley, imagination combines the fabrics of life. Imagination is the glue that holds the fragments together. Imagination is primary for humans and it generates words, truths, doctrines, and systems of faith.

On Old Cape Cod by Bob Bach

The story of Dick and Helen Swanson begins several hundred miles to the west in Ridgway, Pennsylvania. Dick was the youngest of the five children of Swedish immigrants, Lena and Victor Swanson. In 1924, when Dick was four years old, his father, a bricklayer contractor, was killed while inspecting an elevator shaft at a job site.

Michiko’s Story by Dave Swanson

My wife, Ann, and I were unable to visit Hiroshima when we lived in Tokyo fourteen years ago, so when we went back for a visit this year, we decided to go to see the Peace Park Memorial in that city that was totally destroyed with one bomb in World War II. A friend in Tokyo said, “Oh, I have a colleague in Hiroshima, maybe she can find someone to act as a guide for you in the Peace Park.”

Feet by David Carlson

Once I got past the idea that God did not feel I could handle unlimited wealth, and past the silliness of the riddle. I thought about my feet and where they had been.

A Day in the Bush by Craig Larson

For the past couple of weeks now, we have awakened to frost on our lawn. A small fire in the stove takes the chill out of the air inside. A week ago I arose before dawn, made a few sandwiches, loaded my gear, and drove to the edge of the Duck Mountain Provincial Park, 15 miles southeast of where we live.

Review of Ingrid, My Swedish-American Life and Adventure by Elder M. Lindahl

This recent book gives one an excellent picture of immigrant emellan, of a life lived in-between two countries, two cultures, and two languages. I highly recommend Ingrid’s book to the readers of Pietisten and to anyone who wants to read about an exciting, modern immigrant experience.

Review of O Clouds, Unfold! Clara Ueland and her Family by Phil Johnson

People who have been inspired by the books If You Want to Write and Me or have enjoyed Mitropoulos and the North High Band or Strength to Your Sword Arm will be delighted to hear that the manuscript of another great piece of Brenda Ueland’s writing has been discovered and published.

Leo Vetvick 1919-2003 by Phil Johnson

Leo Vetvick was a pioneer. He grew up near Foley, Minnesota, northern pioneer country, and he was a Covenant Church pioneer pastor in social gospel. He was a Norwegian-American in a church filled with Swedes and married Bette Ekblad, a Swedish-American girl.

Wayne Harwood Balch, 1920-2003

Wayne Balch was Music Department Director at North Park College for many years. In 1966 Maestro Balch took the North Park Choir on a six-week European and Scandinavian tour. A concert performed at the invitation of the King of Sweden in Stockholm’s State Lutheran Church was the highlight of the trip.

Olle Engström 1920 — 2003

Olle Engström grew up in Småland and Dalecarlia, Sweden. He was a Christian humanist of the first rank, a churchman with a broad, deep, pietistic spirit.

Helen Raynette Reed Cederberg 1934 — 2003 by Mark Cederberg, Stepson

Raynette Cederberg taught in the Chicago Public Schools, the Latin School of Chicago, and taught at-risk students in Stone Park, Illinois. She also taught in Turlock, California and Wheaton, Illinois.

Regular Features

News and Notes By Anne Lindahl, Bruce Carlson, and Phil Johnson

Gold Medal Morning for NPU Crew; Kristen Prescott and Michael Pietro Wed; Anders Peter Johnson Arrives; A Life of Academic Commitment at Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois; St. John 24 Mount Union 6

Finnish Logs by Gunny

Sightings in Christian Music by Glen Wiberg

Lina Sandell, the most popular and prolific hymn writer Sweden has produced, was born on October 3, 1832 and died on July 27, 1903. Observances have taken place this past year on the centennial of her death in our own country, in Scandinavia, and wherever her songs are known.

I-It, I-Cyber, I-Thou by Arthur W. Anderson

Funny. I’ve never heard of anyone really into computers complain about “Passwords.” Most must think righteously and thus go right on through. Even after my password has been initially accepted, I need a cadre of English teachers, lawyers, and technical experts to have a slim chance for it to allow me to proceed.

When does God smile? by Penrod

Was God smiling when he blessed Abraham (Genesis 22:15-18)? How could God not have been? He knew it would make Abraham happy.

Out and About

The Ad Hoc Society for Religion & Aesthetics; Report from Lisa Machado in Angola

Post: Readers Respond

2003 Waldenström Award by Eric Ecklund-Johnson

The Sport Prophet has been accused on occasion of having a pro-Minnesota bias. After some soul searching, the Prophet has concluded that, yes, there probably is a kernel of truth in this accusation.