Bach, Bob

Bob Bach (d. 2021), from Angels Camp, California, is Pietisten’s roving reporter

The House at 349 Neilsen Road (Fall 1988)

Today the last things have been moved out of the house at 349 Neilsen Road. The house is strangely silent somewhat eerie, The organ is gone, the piano is gone, the unique dining room table is gone, the beautiful china and sterling silver are gone. It's the end of an era and now all that's left are the memories — and there are lots of those.

Into the Napa Valley in Body and Spirit (Winter 1991)

Calistoga is a nice town lying quietly in the upper Napa Valley. Bathed in warm sunshine and surrounded by lush green vineyards and golden rolling hills, it offers the visitor a peaceful respite from the demands and clamor of daily routines.

E. Gus (Fall 1998)

While rummaging through a box of old North Park memorabilia on a recent quiet afternoon, I came across a Swedish exam I had taken in the Fall of 1957. My test result was pathetic and along with the many red marks that appeared was a little note from my instructor, E. Gustav Johnson. It read: “Learning the Swedish language requires regular class attendance. You don’t occasionally go to football practice do you?”

C.P. (Spring 2000)

It was well past midnight. With a towel around my waist and a toothbrush sticking out the corner of my mouth, I stepped quietly out of my room, and made a beeline for the second floor bathroom at Burgh Hall. I nearly made it when I heard a voice behind me. "So Chief, where ya’ been?"

News and Notes (Spring 2000)

Engagement; Ivar Wistrom; Per-Lars Blomgren, Pietisten Reader, Wins Wrestling Title; North Park establishes two biology prizes to honor Profs; Pietisten Crew at Work; Elizabeth Johanna Katter; On-Line Report

Mel Soderstrom, Steady Man on Campus (Winter 2000)

It’s a short walk from Mel Soderstrom’s house to his office in Old Main. He has taken that walk for more than 30 years. Although the challenge of crossing Foster Avenue hasn’t changed much over time, other things have. It’s a different North Park today than it was when he first joined the staff in 1964, but it is the same Mel.

The Brothers Blomgren (Spring 2001)

As the crow flies, Vashon Island is about five miles from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. But don’t let that fool you. The only way on and off the island is by ferry. You can board an auto-passenger ferry in Tacoma at the Point Defiance dock from West Seattle, another auto-passenger ferry loads at the Fauntleroy dock, a passenger only ferry leaves from downtown Seattle, and if you are coming from the Olympic Peninsula, you can get on another auto-passenger ferry at the Southworth dock.

Jitters and a Prayer (Winter 2001-2002)

To an athlete or a coach, there is absolutely nothing like the pre-game jitters. It's hard to pin down when they actually begin. Some coaches say that it's the night before the night before the game that's the worst time. The fluttering in the stomach known as butterflies becomes a common occurrence.

Out and About (Summer 2002)

First reflection on crossing the Atlantic; California Wedding

Up on the Mountain (Winter 2002-2003)

Nestled in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains, a few miles from shimmering Monterey Bay and the sands of the Pacific Ocean, lies Mission Springs Conference Center. Surrounded by coastal redwoods and towering oaks, Mission Springs has served as a summer camp for family and youth, and a year-round retreat center for churches and other groups since 1926. Originally it was a 25-acre ranch, but the conference grounds now cover more than 300 acres, and sprinkled throughout the property are a good number of summer cabins and permanent residences.

On Old Cape Cod (Winter 2003-2004)

The story of Dick and Helen Swanson begins several hundred miles to the west in Ridgway, Pennsylvania. Dick was the youngest of the five children of Swedish immigrants, Lena and Victor Swanson. In 1924, when Dick was four years old, his father, a bricklayer contractor, was killed while inspecting an elevator shaft at a job site.

Pressing On (Fall 2004)

Bob Bach tells the story of Aaron Markuson, 94-year-old veteran Covenant pastor, and his wife Margaret.

In His Service (Winter 2005)

It was a cold autumn day in 1947. The field was sloppy–a sea of mud from the steady rain and sleet. But for the shivering faithful fans who showed up, it was the scene of a bruising football game between Wright J.C. and North Park, also a junior college at that time. Right in the middle of the pack, Phil Danielson, a tackle and military veteran, was in a bruising struggle with his opponent across the line.

Tribute to Viola Wahlquist (Summer 2006)

On a cool Seattle evening, several hundred family and friends of longtime Pietisten supporter Viola Wahlquist gathered at First Covenant Church to celebrate her memory. Viola died on February 9, 2006 at the age of 92 following complications from a stroke.

Shoulder to Shoulder (Christmas 2006)

A heart-felt tribute to two fine gentlemen, Glen Anderson from Princeton, Illinois and Arvin Anderson from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Nearly a half-century ago these two stalwarts vigorously attacked opponent defenses and opened holes for the North Park College Vikings.

On the Doorstep (Spring 2007)

One month later, in July of 1938, the baby was adopted by Clarence and Holly. He was named Wesley, after John Wesley, and Clarence, after his new father. The doctors determined that he was born sometime during the first two weeks of June. Since Holly’s day of birth was on November 4th, it was decided that for the official record, Wes’s birth date would be June 4, 1938. A new life for Wesley Clarence Swanson had begun.

Encounter (Spring/Summer 2011)

It has only been a month since my heart transplant at Stanford University Hospital, and I am back in The Intensive Care Unit.

Let there be light (Fall/Winter 2012)

On Sunday, October 21, 1894, the public in and around the neighborhood of North Park College was invited to a celebration of the opening of the school, which had recently relocated to Chicago from Minneapolis.

Gathered at the River (Spring/Summer 2018)

Shortly after we had settled in, chattering voices could be heard coming down the trail from the road above. A group of young men and women appeared on the scene and, just like that, peeled off all their clothes and jumped into the water just a short distance from where we were gathered. I saw my mother glance over at them and then look back at me.