2003 Waldenström Award

by Eric Ecklund-Johnson

The Sport Prophet has been accused on occasion of having a pro-Minnesota bias. After some soul searching, the Prophet has concluded that, yes, there probably is a kernel of truth in this accusation. However, the Waldenström Award is the one time during the sports year when the Prophet is immune to these accusations because of the fact that the award is now voted on by a completely objective nationally-representative panel of sports experts (I cannot reveal their identities because that would spoil the all-important anonymity of the voting process).

Pietisten and the Sport Prophet are proud to announce that the 2003 Waldenström Award goes to wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald of Pittsburgh. Mr. Fitzgerald is the second wide receiver from Minneapolis to win the Waldenström Award, following in the footsteps of inaugural Waldenström winner Marcus Harris. The race was a close one this year, with Quarterback Jason White of Oklahoma coming in just behind Fitzgerald.

Congratulations to Mr. Fitzgerald, who set a new college record for most consecutive games with a touchdown reception and has excelled week after week despite frequently drawing double and sometimes triple-coverage from opponents.