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Wade in the water by Debra R. Auger

We have an unusually generous theology and practice of baptism in the Covenant Church. There...

Even when steeples are falling by Mark Safstrom

I returned to my office after teaching my Monday morning class a few months ago,...

Parkinson’s Disease and the Boxers’ Rebellion by Arvid Adell

What do all ten of these men in the photo wearing boxing gloves have in...

Editorial: Remembering Who We Are Before a Momentous Annual Meeting

As many of Pietisten’s readers are faithful members of the Evangelical Covenant Church, as we...

The Folkhögskola: A fantastic kind of school translated by Mark Safstrom

As part of the filming for the documentary, God’s Glory, Neighbor’s Good, we interviewed Elaine...


God's Glory, Neighbor's Good: The Story of Pietism

A documentary film on the history and legacy of Pietism.

Now available on DVD and streaming from Amazon.


Squire Adamsson

Mark Safstrom's translation of P.P. Waldenström's novel Squire Adamsson is now available.

Singing the Story: Sightings in Christian Music

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