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Truth and Promises by Donna Ahlberg

Truth and promises can be in harmony with one another, or in disharmony. Promises built...

Prayer for the journey by Mary K. Surridge

This past summer, Mary Karsten Surridge became North Park University’s tenth president, and the first...

Please God by loving one another by Dan Collison

From a sermon preached in the First Covenant Church of Minneapolis in June, 2018.

My journey to “Finding Common Ground” by Randall Wilkens

I’m grieved to admit that not long ago I viewed gay and lesbian people as...


God's Glory, Neighbor's Good: The Story of Pietism

A documentary film on the history and legacy of Pietism.

Now available on DVD and streaming from Amazon.


Squire Adamsson

Mark Safstrom's translation of P.P. Waldenström's novel Squire Adamsson is now available.

Singing the Story: Sightings in Christian Music

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