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Holding on in unknown waters by Denise Anderson

These past several months have felt like a barrage of horrible stories in the news:...

Everyone Needs a Rule: The Sermon on the Mount, Pietism, and The Rule of St. Benedict by Mike Fargo

For almost 35 years I have been a member of the same Covenant church—Trinity Covenant...

A Pietist's Bookshelf by John E. Phelan Jr.

Protestants: The Faith That Made the Modern World; Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet; Reading Paul...

Does a backroad in Minnesota lead to God? by Tom Tredway

The photo accompanying the text of this essay came to me via e-mail last summer....


God's Glory, Neighbor's Good: The Story of Pietism

A documentary film on the history and legacy of Pietism.

Now available on DVD and streaming from Amazon.


Squire Adamsson

Mark Safstrom's translation of P.P. Waldenström's novel Squire Adamsson is now available.

Singing the Story: Sightings in Christian Music

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