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A fellowship of generosity and joy by Denise Anderson

In the last few months we have witnessed many of our world’s leaders attempting to...

The thirty-ninth day by Lindsay Small

Of all the high holy days throughout the church year, the one that really gets...

The hawthorn tree by Mark E. Swanson

I’ve been reading a book about a favorite painter of mine, Harlan Hubbard, an impressionist...

More than we could ask or imagine: North Park and the flu pandemic of 1918 by Mark Safstrom

As North Park College President, David Nyvall, prepared to give his report to the Covenant...

Tribute to James V. Sundholm by Glenn R. Palmberg

Many of Pietisten’s readers will know about the significant accomplishments of Jim – the positions...

The sound of a wooden bell by Dick Nystrom

One Saturday morning many years ago, I was having breakfast with Jim and another friend...


God's Glory, Neighbor's Good: The Story of Pietism

A documentary film on the history and legacy of Pietism.

Now available on DVD and streaming from Amazon.


Watch Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom's talk on the Liberal Arts in Prison.


Squire Adamsson

Mark Safstrom's translation of P.P. Waldenström's novel Squire Adamsson is now available.

Singing the Story: Sightings in Christian Music

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