Carlson, Bruce

Bruce Carlson (1940-2006) was the Executive Director of the Schubert Club and Pietisten Editor of Poetry and Navigation.

Transcending Everydayness (Fall 1998)

Some people in town don’t like it–too modern. I tell them, “Art is once again ahead of the curve.” They, of course, tell me, “Take a hike.”

My Dinner with Aaron (Winter 1999)

On a recent Friday afternoon, I stopped at the Pietisten office on my way home from work. Phil Johnson, editor-in-chief, poured two cups of coffee and we sat down to take stock of things. Phil said, “I have a favorite composer.” This was unexpected, but since I work in the concert business my antenna went on alert.

River Horse (Fall 1999)

About ten years ago, a travel book appeared in which the author checked out our country by driving from coast to coast on the back highways. Blue Highways, written by William Least Heat-Moon, was very engaging.

College on Five Dollars (Spring 2000)

On a sunny, late summer morning in 1954, a crew-cut 17-year-old with two cardboard suitcases boarded the Hiawatha Zephyr in St. Paul, Minnesota. He took a seat by the window as the train pulled smoothly away from the station and began to glide down the tracks toward Chicago.

Pre-Ventura (Winter 2000)

One of Minnesota’s finest citizens just published his memoirs. In A Man’s Reach, 91-year-old Elmer Andersen looks back with humor and wisdom on a full, rich, and wonderful life.

Swedes in the Twin Cities (Spring 2001)

These scholars had collectively produced Swedes in the Twin Cities, which was selling like hotcakes. The book is co-edited by Dag Blanck, the Director of the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center at Augustana College, Rock Island, and Philip J. Anderson, Professor at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago.

Big Bible News (Summer 2001)

St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota (the birth place of Minnesota Public Radio) is slowly and very surely producing the first Bible to be written and illustrated entirely by hand since the invention of moveable type more than 500 years ago. This St. John's Bible, a ten-year project, is now half-way complete.

Wittgenstein's Poker (Summer 2001)

Lots of people look forward to the Festival of Lessons and Carols broadcast live each year from the Cambridge University King's College Chapel on Christmas Day. The soaring music sung by boy sopranos, the lovely "Once in Royal David's City" processional, the beautifully read texts, and the thrilling acoustics of this vaulting, perpendicular Gothic chapel built by Henry VI combine for a spiritual and aesthetic treat.

Tribute to Harry Opel (Winter 2001-2002)

Harry Opel, one of the greatest forces in serious (Covenant) music since the sublime A.L. Skoog himself, died at age 80 on January 2, 2002.

A Magnificent English Cathedral (Winter 2003-2004)

A great work of art is almost always done by a single person. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony wasn’t written by a committee. Same with Shakespeare’s plays. It’s hard to think of any other masterpiece, aside from the KJB, cooked up in this way.

News and Notes (Winter 2003-2004)

Gold Medal Morning for NPU Crew; Kristen Prescott and Michael Pietro Wed; Anders Peter Johnson Arrives; A Life of Academic Commitment at Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois; St. John 24 Mount Union 6

Tribute to Paul Holmer (Fall 2004)

One of our most formidable Christian apologists, Paul Holmer, joined the heavenly symposium on June 29th 2004.

A Lobster Fixes the Pickle Farm (Winter 2004-2005)

President Horner submitted a letter of resignation to the Board of Directors three years ago at age 52. The Board at that time, hoping to retain him, set up a six month sabbatical resulting in Horner coming back from the refreshing beaches of Florida ready to stay on until age 65. But two years later—after reflecting once again that he had served as a college president since he was 29—Dr. Horner felt, if he ever wanted to try something different, now would be the time to pursue other career goals.