Swanson, David

David Swanson is a frequent short-term missionary and member of Bethlehem Covenant Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Cross Country by Pleasure Craft (Summer 2003)

This trip was something that I dreamed of several decades ago, having lived most of my life within sight of one river or another. I had invested in navigational charts for the Mississippi River, pored over them, and concluded that a trip down the Mississippi is more suitable for a power boat than for a sailboat—the focal point of our boating interest at that time.

Michiko’s Story (Winter 2003-2004)

My wife, Ann, and I were unable to visit Hiroshima when we lived in Tokyo fourteen years ago, so when we went back for a visit this year, we decided to go to see the Peace Park Memorial in that city that was totally destroyed with one bomb in World War II. A friend in Tokyo said, “Oh, I have a colleague in Hiroshima, maybe she can find someone to act as a guide for you in the Peace Park.”