Winter 1991

Volume VI, Number 4

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Lyssna, Lyssna, Kalle Anke by Elder M. Lindahl

Special sentiments surround us all during the Christmas holidays. As Christian families gather in their homes and churches, traditional customs, foods, carols, and rituals are in evidence. Old memories flood.in, and we sing, or at least think to ourselves, “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.”

Luke 2:41-52 and Waldenstrom’s Commentary translated by Tommy Carlson

Tales of Lost Youth: A Chicago Story by Peter Sandstrom

During a recent flurry of job applications, I picked up more hints that being an ex-pastor with a graduate degree in theology has been a detriment to my present career development. My background was hampering my efforts to climb out of a six-dollar-an-hour job bracket that I have been in for some years.

God Cares! by Sandra R. Brown

A sermon preached at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis, November 11, 1990 Jeremiah 18:1-10, Luke 12:22-34, Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-19

Into the Napa Valley in Body and Spirit by Bob Bach

Calistoga is a nice town lying quietly in the upper Napa Valley. Bathed in warm sunshine and surrounded by lush green vineyards and golden rolling hills, it offers the visitor a peaceful respite from the demands and clamor of daily routines.

Twin City Covenant Basketball: A Brief History by Curtiss D. Johnson

In the winter of 1936-37, the first meeting to organize a Twin City Covenant Basketball League was held at the old Minnehaha Academy office. Play began shortly following the Holiday Season in Minnehaha’s small gym with the concrete floor. The free throw circles almost intersected with the center jump area. A fast break would have been easy, but no doubt the game was slowed considerably by the need to return to the center circle for a jump ball after each basket.

Extracts from Carlson’s Chronicles, October 21, 1991 by Dennis and Mary Lynn Carlson

Monday, September 23 began like any day [in Kinshasa, Zaire]. I went for a jog with Homer, a dog we had recently inherited from a Mission Aviation Fellowship couple. Shortly after 8 am our day worker arrived saying not to go into town today because of the unrest.

Pastoral Care in the Military Chaplaincy by L. Edward Nelson

He was waiting for me as I arrived at the Chapel. It was the first day of what was to be 20 years in the Chaplaincy of the U.S. Army. It was through a great deal of soul-searching that I had entered the Army, so I admit that I was elated that at the beginning of my first day as a Chaplain I had the opportunity to serve.

Mary Jones by Dennis Jones

Even without considering August 21st, the date of her death, Mary had a rough 1991.

Where We Got Our Hymns by J. Irving Erickson

It is interesting to note how the hymnals of all groups, including the emigrant churches, have moved to a greater inclusiveness of the whole Christian tradition. This has been true of the hymnals of the Evangelical Covenant Church as well, although material peculiar to that particular heritage has not been sacrificed. This cannot be said of any other denomination that has its roots in Scandinavia. It seems that the Covenant has become the custodian of this tradition. It is with this tradition that this series is concerned.

Report from South Africa by Heidi Sturdy

“Saubona!” This greeting is a Zulu saying meaning “I see you!” The women would yell this across the fields as they saw one another walking. They would continue to yell conversation to each other from yards away, usually with their bundles on their heads. It would be unusual for them to walk to each other because that would take them off their course. So, as they walked, they talked, and then when they were almost out of sight, they would again yell, “Saubona!” meaning, “I see you!”

Honesty and Liberation by Arthur W. Anderson

Sometimes reading the Bible for devotions drives one up a wall instead of up to heaven! For a stretch, on recent mornings, I turned to a sequential reading· of the Psalms for solace, reassurance, and encouragement.

Out and About by Phil Johnson

The Gustafson Lectures; The North Park Philosophy Academy; Dedication of the Nyvall Memorial

Sport Report by Phil Johnson

Whenever I hear an announcer speak about an athlete’s “work ethic,” I grimace. I have a hunch that I know what the speaker means by this abstraction, but I don’t think it is apt.

Sports Prophecy by Eric Ecklund-Johnson

Pietisten in the Pulpit

Some readers may know that Pietisten often provided the sermon for those gatherings of Mission Friends who had no pastor. A lay person would read a sermon from Pietisten as the sermon for the day.

Peace by Max Carlson

Post: Readers Respond

Kids Play by Anders Blomgren