Spring/Summer 2018

Volume XXXIII, Number 1

In This Issue

Accidental Selfie by Kristen Glass Perez

When I was looking through my past six years of sermons at Augustana, I found something funny. In my second year here, I first preached about the “selfie.” It was in the fall of 2013 and that is because that year, selfie was declared “word of the year” and was first added to the dictionary. It might seem like we have had the notion of selfies forever, but really it’s only been since 2013 that it officially came into the vernacular and even later that our phones now come with selfie mode. So as we have lived now for five years with selfies, something that I have learned and reflected on a lot this year is that most of life is not what we put on Instagram; most of life is an accidental selfie.

Humble leadership and gentle persuasion by Mark Safstrom

Around election time (and when is it not?) our mailboxes get overstuffed with campaign ads. In the mail or on tv, the slogans are petty. Especially concerning to a college professor, the quotes are mere sound bites, without context. “Trust me, not the other candidate...” because he or she said this offhand comment ten years ago.

Out of Harmony? by Phil Johnson

“Gentle persuasion” has been the Covenant way at its best, but in making the position on human sexuality binding, the nature of the Covenant has shifted.