Bjorkquist, David C.

David C. Bjorkquist was introduced to Pietisten by Sandy Johnson while she was a doctoral student in the Department of Vocational and Technical Education at the University of Minnesota, where he was a professor. He has been retired from the University since 1996. More about Freedom for Youth Ministries can be learned at: freedomforyouth.org

From generation to generation (Spring/Summer 2013)

In a recent letter from my nephew Mark Nelson, he described an experience that he had nine years ago. At that time he was working as an accountant for a firm in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. On his way to work he encountered a young woman who was living under a bridge. Michelle, the 18-year-old under the bridge, was a runaway and addicted to meth. Unfortunately, there were many others like her, homeless and suffering with a variety of personal and social problems. Mark realized the distress of these young people and was moved to leave his job and to initiate a ministry for youth, which today is called “Freedom for Youth Ministries.”