Sports Prophecy by Eric

by Eric Nelson

The baseball world may quickly forget “HGH,” “Canseco” and “Yankee Stadium” in 2010, when “ballparka” becomes the term du jour across the national pastime. A “ballparka,” of course, is the outer jacket one wears to a chilly outdoor baseball game. And come October, fans will need one when the Minnesota Twins and Seattle Mariners square off for the American League pennant.

The Sports Prophecy’s initial forecast makes such a bold claim because our two favorite clubs now have more in common than just sharing their cities with Pietisten World Headquarters 2.0 and 3.0.

The playoff will take place just south of Canada, but it may not be as warm as the Vancouver Olympics. With the opening of Target Field in Minneapolis, Twins fans now get to enjoy the April snow games that Wrigley Field patrons have paired with losing for years. And since the Pacific Northwest spring began in January this year, winter in Seattle is due by September.

Everyone at the ALCS will wear “ballparkas” and dress like it’s a New Year’s Day hockey game. Unfortunately, only one of these fine teams will add a World Series patch—and go on to play the Cubs.