Nelson, Eric

Eric Nelson is Pietisten's sports prophet.

</a> (Fall 1988)</h3> <blockquote><p>This looks like it could finally be the Vikings' year, After coming within a game of the Super Bowl last season, Minnesota seems poised to make the trip in 1989. And, I think, contrary to their history, they will win the big one this time.</p></blockquote> <h3><a href="/iii/4/sport_prophecy.html"><title/></a> (Winter 1988)</h3> <blockquote><p>In the NBA: New York in the Atlantic, Cleveland in the Central, Utah in the Midwest, Los Angeles in the Pacific. Other playoff teams that will be a threat in the spring: Denver, Dallas, Houston, Boston, Atlanta, and Detroit.</p></blockquote> <h3><a href="/iv/1/sport_prophecy.html"><title/></a> (Spring 1989)</h3> <blockquote><p>Well, now for <cite>Pietisten's</cite> 1988-89 All-American Basketball Team</p></blockquote> <h3><a href="/iv/3/sport_prophecy.html"><title/></a> (Fall 1989)</h3> <blockquote><p>Here are my pre-season <strong>All-Pro</strong> picks. Note that I picked twelve defensive players in an attempt to include players from both 4-3 and 3-4 defenses. I couldn't think of a punter or a kicker for this team, but punters and kickers aren't real players anyway.</p></blockquote> <h3><a href="/iv/4/sport_prophecy.html"><title/></a> (Winter 1989)</h3> <blockquote><p>Here are my NBA picks for this season. Division winners: Boston, Detroit, Utah, and Los Angeles. Other teams to watch for in the playoffs will be Phoenix, Cleveland, New York, and Chicago.</p></blockquote> <h3><a href="/v/1/sport_prophecy.html">Sport Prophecy</a> (Spring 1990)</h3> <h3><a href="/v/3/sport_prophecy.html"><title/></a> (Fall 1990)</h3> <blockquote><p>Pre-Season All-Pro Picks</p></blockquote> <h3><a href="/v/4/sport_prophecy.html">Sport Prophecy</a> (Winter 1990)</h3> <blockquote><p>Pre-Season All-American Picks</p></blockquote> <h3><a href="/vi/1/sport_prophecy.html">Sport Prophecy</a> (Spring 1991)</h3> <blockquote><p>NBA Picks</p></blockquote> <h3><a href="/xxv/1/sports.html">Sports Prophecy by Eric</a> (Spring/Summer 2010)</h3> <blockquote><p>The baseball world may quickly forget “HGH,” “Canseco” and “Yankee Stadium” in 2010, when “ballparka” becomes the term du jour across the national pastime. A “ballparka,” of course, is the outer jacket one wears to a chilly outdoor baseball game. And come October, fans will need one when the Minnesota Twins and Seattle Mariners square off for the American League pennant.</p></blockquote> <h3><a href="/xxv/2/sports.html">Sports Prophecy by Eric</a> (Fall/Winter 2010)</h3> <blockquote><p>P.P. Waldenstrom respected tradition, whether in the hymnal or on the gridiron. At least I suspect the second would be true.</p></blockquote> <h3><a href="/xxvi/1/sports.html">Sports Prophecy by Eric</a> (Spring/Summer 2011)</h3> <blockquote><p>Giving up professional football could save the average fan 3 to 18 hours per week, depending on the health of your addiction. So the pews may have a few more congregants on fall Sundays, lawns may be mowed and well-raked through autumn, and you may notice another game —which some people also call “fütbol” – on the tube more often.</p></blockquote> <h3><a href="/xxvii/1/sports_prophecy.html">Sport Prophecy</a> (Spring/Summer 2012)</h3> <blockquote><p>“I wish Christmas would come more often, don’t you?”</p></blockquote> <h3><a href="/xxvii/2/sports_prophecy.html">Sport Prophecy</a> (Fall/Winter 2012)</h3> <h3><a href="/xxviii/1/sports_prophecy.html">Name Games</a> (Spring/Summer 2013)</h3> <blockquote><p>It’s difficult enough to predict what athletes will do next, but the real sports guessing game is with the suits.</p></blockquote> <h3><a href="/xxviii/2/sports_prophecy.html">Give it (and me) a rest</a> (Fall/Winter 2013)</h3> <blockquote><p>Many of you have been there: a mostly empty stadium, Double A-talent entertaining you for major league prices, a lazy conversation with your ballpark buddy that’s rarely interrupted by a reason to cheer. And you’ve probably — even if you aren’t a Cubs fan — wondered on that dog day in September: “Why am I here?” </p></blockquote> <h3><a href="/xxix/1/sports_prophecy.html">Blessed be the poor in team spirit</a> (Spring/Summer 2014)</h3> <blockquote><p>Seattle’s still basking in the glow of winning the Super Bowl, the city’s first major sports title in decades. The 12th Man has swelled with pride, a victory lap downtown was the largest public event since the 1979 Seattle SuperSonics’ NBA crown, and most importantly, the Lombardi Trophy dropped Seattle’s fans from the list of most miserable.</p></blockquote> <h3><a href="/xxix/2/sport_prophecy.html">Blessed be the poor in team spirit</a> (Fall/Winter 2014)</h3> <blockquote><p>There was a time when “rotisserie” only referred to roasting meat on a spit. As with so much of our society, sports dump-trucked the dictionary and took over the word, and from there only picked up speed.</p></blockquote> <h3><a href="/xxxi/2/sports.html">Enjoy it while you can</a> (Fall/Winter 2016)</h3> <blockquote><p>A note about the Sports Prophecy: I was too busy watching baseball last fall to write a column, so instead we are reprinting a Sports Prophecy from a 1908 issue of Pietisten. It was written shortly after the Chicago Cubs won the 1908 World Series, and still feels relevant for today’s fan.</p></blockquote> </section> </main> </body> </html>