Green with Reene

by Irene Ecklund

As an avid gardener, this is a very busy time of the season. I never know when to stop planting. I fear I have a serious problem with discipline when it comes to gardening. I love it and get such pleasure watching God’s creation develop in my yard each year.

This is the time to deadhead your spent flowers in a perennial bed. They will continue to bloom or will re bloom again. May Night Salvia needs a good shearing now, I take it back with a shearing scissor; it takes too long with hand clippers. Flowering plants are way ahead of themselves this year, I fear what will be left for fall in my garden. The severe winter and strange spring have caused a lot of change. My Hosta’s have been mostly ok, though some are struggling to get moving, others have flourished. Spring flowering shrubs should be cut back by now for them to bloom again next year. It’s best to cut back flowering shrubs right after they bloom. You can cut back evergreens and other foundation shrubs anytime. Trees can be trimmed up anytime. I have about ten Clematis in full bloom now and, wow, what a statement! I hate when they are done, but I deadhead them right along; several continue to bloom most of the summer. I have an enormous Jack Mania that is almost impossible to deadhead as it has hundreds of blooms, but I whack away at it. It goes up and over a trellis and you can barely get through to the backyard, another shearing job. I just planted three Knock Out Roses and have three others. I finally made a sun place for the Knock Outs. They are a lovely shrub rose that is very disease resistant. You need do very little to them. They are a real producer of blooms and continue until frost.

—Happy Gardening until next time