From a Stonewalled Birch-Spired Land

A Covenant Centennial Hymn

by Dennis Moon

From a stonewalled birch-spired land, tillers of the soil
Broken heart and calloused hand, left their native toil
Scattered thus by famine's hand, the songs of God to sing,
Seedlings sown by Jesus Christ, that all might know Him King.

From a stoneclad creedal faith, tillers of the soul,
Found that fruit of mind alone, could not make them whole.
From the heart a flower grew, 'twas heaven's husbandry,
Blossoming in Jesus' love, for all humanity.

Once and ethnic purity, now a hybrid strain,
Rich and varied heritage, count not loss but gain.
Gathered by the hand of Christ, bound by Spirit love,
Shining forth a unity, given by God above.

Less the sower than the seed, spread throughout the earth,
In the midst of hatred's thorn, God's love we give birth.
Striving neath the reign of Christ, as winter weeps for spring,
Toward the garden, paradise, where all will know Him King. Amen.