Moon, Dennis

Denny Moon is the grateful husband of Sally, the proud father of Brita, Aaron, and Julia, and he relishes being called “Buka” by Otto, Gus, and Arne. He is one of the ministers at South Church, U.C.C. in Granby, Conn., and the founder of “Heads Up! Hartford!” Writing songs, hymns, and musicals makes him very happy, as does teaching the art of storytelling.

From a Stonewalled Birch-Spired Land (Summer 1986)

They Shall Be Oaks of Righteousness (Fall 1989)

Holiness is justice (Fall/Winter 2016)

This past June, following the shooting at an Orlando nightclub, I put a sign out in front of our church that said, “A Blessed Ramadan to our Muslim friends.” It was an effort to show support for our siblings in the Abrahamic tradition because some national notables were calling for Muslims to be kept from entering the country. The response to the sign was surprisingly positive.

Ordination (Fall/Winter 2021)

What is ordination? A ticket to martyrdom in an unforgettable fury of light? One could get that idea, with Jesus’ dying on a cross, not by burning, but nonetheless, bound to the stake. Oliver seems to be blessing death for an idea, for the world, for some martyr’s flames have been unforgettable and they still inspire us today.