Nelson, Karl

Karl Nelson is the Publisher of Pietisten. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

Conscientious Objection (Winter 1999)

The practice of conscientious objection, the refusal to fight in the military on moral and religious grounds, has existed since the time of the Christ. Throughout much of history, however, conscientious objectors (COs) have not been a part of the religious mainstream. Two key Vietnam War-era Supreme Court cases changed forever the nature of conscientious objection by expanding the definition of religion and moving conscientious objection into mainstream religious life.

From Rättvik to Isanti County (Fall 1999)

My grandfather, Curtiss D. Johnson, had a deep interest in his Swedish heritage. Many years ago, he gave me a coin that depicted immigrants landing in New York with the Statute of Liberty in the background. The coin reminds me that my ancestors arrived in America in that same fashion. Many of Pietisten’s readers share this same heritage, but even those non-Swedes among us would enjoy reading Robert Ostergren’s history of the emigration of a Swedish community.

News and Notes (Spring 2000)

Engagement; Ivar Wistrom; Per-Lars Blomgren, Pietisten Reader, Wins Wrestling Title; North Park establishes two biology prizes to honor Profs; Pietisten Crew at Work; Elizabeth Johanna Katter; On-Line Report