Jessup, David

David Jessup teaches Swedish at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minn.

F.O. Nilsson and the Swedish Baptists (Spring/Summer 2011)

It is interesting that Baptist General Conference churches today should be so hesitant to identify themselves as Baptists given the hardships that their forebears endured for doing exactly that. The life of one of the first Swedish Baptists, Fredrik Olaus Nilsson, was characterized by determination in the face of opposition.

The hollowed-out self (Fall/Winter 2015)

Those inclined to believe that our civilization is in the doldrums need only turn on the television to confirm their suspicions. The vapidity and vulgarity of what passes for entertainment is disheartening enough, but even relatively sophisticated products of popular culture can convey deeply pessimistic messages.