Hanson, Tim

Tim Hanson grew up on a dairy farm in southwestern Minnesota and attended Dawson Covenant Church. One of four children, music was always a part of his family life. His father was a baritone soloist and his mother was a piano accompanist and teacher, church organist, and choir director. The favorite family song was “Daddy Sang Bass,” and Tim continues to enjoy playing piano and guitar.

Shedding light on the ‘sunshine singer’: J. A. Hultman (Spring/Summer 2022)

Somewhere around my late forties, a New Year’s resolution to take an introductory Swedish language class started a process of connecting with the Swedish part of my ethnicity. Within a few years, I was singing in the ASI Swedish Male Chorus and with the Salem Covenant Swedish Singers. My interest in Swedish hymnody was launched into high gear after a discovery at the house where I grew up.