Eikenbary-Barber, Ryan

Ryan Eikenbary-Barber is developer pastor of Anchor Covenant Church, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Digging Deeper (Summer 2003)

We often get caught up in familiar things and deeper meanings escape us. We can’t see the forest for the trees. The truth is not a secret. Everyone can know the truth if they desire it, but sometimes we miss the big picture because of the close-up right in front of us.

Housing the Sacred by Glen Wiberg (Summer 2009)

Like any good sermon, Housing the Sacred is not overlong. It’s just 97 pages. The preacher says what he needs to say and then sits down. And those of us who appreciate good preaching want to stand up and cheer! Here is a book on preaching that avoids the academic temptation to dissect the sermon like some unfortunate frog. If preaching is a craft, Glen Wiberg successfully mentors his apprentices with a simple illustration and six sermons that are concrete examples of his own artistry in the pulpit.

Reflections on “Pietism and Postmodernity” (Spring/Summer 2011)

A report on Roger E. Olson's Aus Memorial Lecture at Luther Theological Seminary.

The Pietist Option (Fall/Winter 2017)

The Pietist Option by Christopher Gehrz and Mark Pattie III has much in common with Philipp Jakob Spener’s Pia Desideria. Both books are slim, readable, and packed with practical advice on church revitalization.