Post: Readers Respond

Cover of Come Into Our Kitchens book

A letter of appreciation to the women of North Park Covenant Church

I saluted you as I received your 1967 cookbook, first copyright in 1943 and postage paid for three dollars in 1967. As of then, there were 57,000 copies circulated.

I have learned much from entering your kitchens. I did not know that two quarts of heavy whipping cream could be the topping for 100 desserts. Also, certain fruits sink in Jello. And then there are those that float. Canned and frozen fruits sink.

Your smörgåsbord suggestions top more than 40 items. Uff da.

I am not being flippant when I say “thank you.” I love the recipes shared and I am sure the kitchen conversations were priceless. I prefer the rice pudding offered by Mrs. Walter Gobel on page 14.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Elde

Rice Pudding