If you are quiet enough…

by Lois Hermansen

If you are quiet enough you can hear
the turning pages of a favorite book,
the soft breathing of a baby asleep on your shoulder,
the creak of floorboards in an old house,
the crunch of snow beneath your feet,
the tinkle of wind chimes in the breeze.

If you are quiet enough you can see
the glitter of ice frost scattering from a tree,
the ruffled feathers of a bird huddled against the cold,
the tracks of tiny critters in new fallen snow,
the beauty of a familiar face,
the tenderness in the eyes of new parents.

If you are quiet enough you can feel
the warmth of a dream-kindled hug,
the lifted spirit that more daylight brings,
the comfort of fond memories,
the impact of answered prayers,
the assurance that you are loved.

You can find joy in the life you are living,
peace in the place you inhabit,
faith in the goodness of people,

...if you are quiet enough.