Post: Readers Respond

“As a Lincoln Land Community College faculty member for the last fifty years, I was intrigued by the article on the Swedish Folkhögskola [interviewing] Elaine Lindblom as everything she [said] sounded exactly like a description of U.S. community colleges with the exception of the religious ties of the institution. Before reading this article, I was under the impression that the idea of community colleges arose in the U.S. only to learn that my Swedish relatives started one much earlier in 1882. How amazing and thrilling.”

– Don Ecklund, Springfield, Illinois

“I’ve been in the Covenant [Church] my whole life. …I’m not an old guy who is against any new ideas or actions. However, I believe our president had every right to take a stand on the First Covenant Mpls. vote. … It seems that there are folks who wanted to change the whole direction of the Covenant by the vote on First Covenant. Naturally, we should show love and concern for anyone coming in our church doors. At this time a vote encouraging gay membership, etc. and gay ordained pastors would result in losing many members and many Covenant churches.”

– E.M. “Bud” Johnson, Mason City, Iowa