The Miracle of Friendship

by Aaron Markuson

It was a great miracle that God performed when he created friendship. It became even more wonderful when he said, “I think I will give this to people.”

What a great gift it is, especially Christian friendship. Friendship brings the encouragement that comes from knowing that others care about what happens to us, wish us well, and go out of their way to help us. Friendship gives us someone with whom to share our life when we are bursting with joy or when life has become a shambles or when it all is quite routine. Friendship shows itself in simple but powerful ways, like a warm clasp of the hands, an understanding look, a sympathetic hug, or just the words, “I understand” or “I’m praying for you.”

Friendship brushes aside things that would interfere, like distance between us. It leaps across the states and countries, and through the wonderful means of prayer and thought and telephone and writing it keeps friends together. Time, instead of corroding friendship, often enhances it as memories are banked with compound interest, more and more experiences are shared, and dreams and plans for the future are discussed.

And sometimes memories and good fellowship and dreams and hopes and shared joys all come together as we share the amazing experience of friendship.

Yes, it was a great miracle that God performed when he created friendship. Thank you, God, for giving it to us.