by Don Olson

Before the beginning when time was asleep,

There was God the Almighty alone in the deep.

God the Almighty with a wonderful plan,

The creation of a new being He would call man.

God the Almighty with a mighty dream,

Of a magnificent universe never before seen.

The heavens and the earth would be a home for man.

And then with God’s Word, it began.

From a glowing hot ball did God’s first atoms form,

Making star nurseries from which trillions were born.

Stars gathered into galaxies in an awesome array,

One among them, our own Milky Way.

In a special place in our grand Milky Way,

God formed the sun and the earth on the first day.

To an earth formless and dark and empty of life,

God brought water and land and said let there be light.

God looked over a barren and rocky wasteland,

He transformed it for life, the work of His hand.

Then came the fish of the sea and the animals of the land,

And the birds of the sky, the work of His hand.

Now Eden was ready for the arrival of man,

Made in the image of God according to His plan.

God looked over His creation and said, It is good,

He rested well pleased, for He understood.

God the Almighty, filled with great love,

Had created for man the earth and heavens above.