The Waldenstrom for 2008

Tim Tebow, Florida—Again

by Eric Ecklund-Johnson

The Waldenström Award is given for outstanding play to the college football player Pietisten selects. This year, as always, there are many worthy contenders; however, the Waldenström voters (whose identities remain secret to protect the integrity of the process) have overwhelmingly voted in favor of a repeat winner. Tim Tebow has displayed solid, team-leading, game determining play this year as he did last year. Last season, in addition to winning the Waldenström, Tebow, quarterback of the Florida Gators, won the Heisman Trophy. We leave it to our readers as to which is the more prestigious award.

It’s difficult to maintain outstanding performance year after year, but Tebow’s performance remains stellar. This season Tim has led his team to the National Championship Game.

This reminder came to me from the Waldenström Committee. “Please note the superb performance of former Waldenstöm winner, Larry Fitzgerald, now in his fifth season with the Arizona Cardinals. This is yet another example of how winning this award has catapulted a player into the national spotlight.”