Mama’s Milk by Michael Elsohn Ross and illustrated by Ashley Wolff

reviewed by Jennifer and Violet Ecklund-Johnson

Mama’s Milk is a wonderfully illustrated book about how human and animal mothers feed their young. The rhyming text reads like a sweet lullaby and tells how a variety of animal babies nurse and bond with their mothers. The colorful pictures demonstrate mothers providing nourishment and comforting their young in their natural habitats. Both wild and domestic animals are included in the book.

Reviewers Jennifer & Violet

In addition to the story, the book provides interesting facts about the animals depicted in the book such as how long they nurse, how often and where they nurse. Did you know that bear cubs nurse while the mother bear sleeps through the winter? Or that puggles lick milk from patches on the mama platypus? It also describes some of the benefits of breast feeding for human mothers such as the fact that “mama’s milk helps to protect babies from common diseases.”

We think kids love this book because it’s fun to read and because they are intrigued by the pictures and animal facts. Violet’s favorite part of the book is “When it tells that kangaroo milk is pink.” After the first time we read this book Violet pretended to be a mama kangaroo with a joey in her pouch. She also said, “I’m glad mommy nurses Hazel because it’s good for her.”

Violet’s baby sister, Hazel, enjoyed the book too. She gave it her endorsement by giggling and sitting on it.