The 2007 Waldenström

by Eric Ecklund-Johnson

The Waldenström Award is given for outstanding play to the college football player Pietisten selects. Again this year we are faced with a difficult decision. Some think that quarterbacks Chase Daniels of Missouri or Todd Reesing of Kansas would be good choices. We agree, but James Laurinaitis, the Ohio State linebacker from Hamel, Minnesota, winner of the Nagurski award last season, stands even higher in our estimation.

However, our choice is Tim Tebow, quarterback of the Florida Gators. He is the first NCAA player to our knowledge to score more than 20 TDs both passing and rushing in the same season tipping the scales in his favor. Plus, he exhibits the attitude we admire. The Heisman people may want him but he belongs to the Waldenström people first. We are pleased to add him to our distinguished list of Walderström Award winners.