The NBA Draft

by Eric Ecklund-Johnson

Maybe people think prophecy is simply a matter of inspiration given to the prophet in a momentary flash and all he has to do is say it. A little reflection reveals how wrong this notion is. Prophecy is hard, often dull, work. To prophesy well either in the sense of “speaking forth” or of “fore telling” requires much analysis—studying data and drawing on experience. Even then the prophet will miss more or less. Perhaps some readers think this column has consistently confirmed the point.

So you can see that the Seattle Sonics were in a much better position than the Portland Trailblazers in the recent NBA draft. The Sonics did not face the dilemma of the Trailblazers who in choosing first had to decide whether to take Greg Oden, the outstanding center from Ohio State, or Kevin Durant, the spectacular guard-forward from Texas. No doubt the Sonics did considerable hard work, too, but, unlike the Trailblazers, they could relax. Likely few fans will second-guessing the Sonics—a prophetic position to envy.