The Waldenstrom Award 2001: Cornhusker Eric Crouch

by Eric Ecklund-Johnson

Because of a slight change in the usually clockwork-like publishing schedule of the Pietisten, the Waldenström Award winner is being announced early this season in order to guarantee that this year's winner will be announced before next year's.

Although it may seem unorthodox to award the trophy before the end of the season, we are confident the prophecy that the winner is the most deserving will come to pass. With that in mind, this year's winner is perhaps the most accomplished rushing quarterback in the history of college football—the University of Nebraska's Eric Crouch. Crouch set a record this season for most career rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in NCAA Division I history. The sport prophet is confident that Crouch will finish the season strong and, regardless of Nebraska's finish in the polls, will be the most deserving among a strong group of candidates, including Ken Dorsey of Miami, Rex Grossman of Florida, Rocky Calmus of Oklahoma, DeShaun Foster of UCLA, and William Green of Boston College.

Note: congratulations to Joe Paterno, head coach of Penn State University, for setting the Division I record for most career victories.