</h1> <p class="author">by <a href="/authors/NelsonEric.html">Eric Nelson</a></p> <p>Here are my NBA picks for this season. Division winners: Boston, Detroit, Utah, and Los Angeles. Other teams to watch for in the playoffs will be Phoenix, Cleveland, New York, and Chicago. My All-Star picks are:</p> <p> <strong>1st Team</strong> </p> <p>Michael Jordan</p> <p>Earvin Johnson</p> <p>Patrick Ewing</p> <p>Larry Bird</p> <p>Karl Malone</p> <p> <strong>2nd Team</strong> </p> <p>John Stockton</p> <p>Dale Ellis</p> <p>Chris Mullin</p> <p>Akeem Olajuwon</p> <p>Charles Barkley</p> </article> <section id="sidebar"> <p id="pubInfo">Volume IV, Number 4</p> <p id="issueName"><a href="index.html">Winter 1989</a></p> <p id="series">From: <a href="/series/SportProphecy.html">Sport Prophecy</a></p> <aside id="author_bio"> <p class="author_photo"><img src="/images/authors/eric_nelson.jpg" alt="" /></p> <p>Eric Nelson is <cite>Pietisten</cite>'s sports prophet.</p> <p>See all articles by <a href="/authors/NelsonEric.html">Eric Nelson</a></p> </aside> </section> </main> </body> </html>