</h1> <p class="author">by <a href="/authors/NelsonEric.html">Eric Nelson</a></p> <p>Here are my pre-season <strong>All-Pro</strong> picks. Note that I picked twelve defensive players in an attempt to include players from both 4-3 and 3-4 defenses. I couldn't think of a punter or a kicker for this team, but punters and kickers aren't real players anyway.</p> <p>Offense</p> <p>WR Anthony Carter, Vikings</p> <p>TE Mark Bavaro, Giants</p> <p>T Gary Zimmerman, Vikings</p> <p>G Tom Newberry, Rams</p> <p>C Jay Hilgenberg, Bears</p> <p>G Bruce Matthews, Oilers</p> <p>T Anthony Munoz, Bengals</p> <p>WR Jerry Rice, 49ers</p> <p>QB Randall Cunningham, Eagles</p> <p>FB John L. Williams, Seahawks</p> <p>HB Roger Craig, 49ers</p> <p>Defense</p> <p>LB Cornelius Bennett, Bills</p> <p>DE Reggie White, Eagles</p> <p>LB Shane Conlan, Bills</p> <p>DT Keith Millard, Vikings</p> <p>NG Bill Maas, Chiefs</p> <p>LB Mike Singletary, Bears</p> <p>DE Charles Mann, Redskins</p> <p>LB Lawrence Taylor, Giants</p> <p>CB Scott Case, Falcons</p> <p>SS Joey Browner, Vikings</p> <p>FS Mark Kelso, Bills</p> <p>CB Frank Minnifield, Browns</p> <p>Key*</p> <p>WR = Wide Receiver</p> <p>TE = Tight End</p> <p>T = Tackle</p> <p>G = Guard</p> <p>C = Center</p> <p>QB = Quarterback</p> <p>FB = Fullback</p> <p>HB = Halfback</p> <p>LB = Linebacker</p> <p>DE = Defensive End</p> <p>DT = Defensive Tackle</p> <p>NG = Nose Guard (the old Middle Guard)</p> <p>CB = Corner Back</p> <p>SS = Strong Safety</p> <p>FS = Free Safety</p> <p>~Key provided by the editors for some of us who might not be quite up to snuff on these matters.</p> </article> <section id="sidebar"> <p id="pubInfo">Volume IV, Number 3</p> <p id="issueName"><a href="index.html">Fall 1989</a></p> <p id="series">From: <a href="/series/SportProphecy.html">Sport Prophecy</a></p> <aside id="author_bio"> <p class="author_photo"><img src="/images/authors/eric_nelson.jpg" alt="" /></p> <p>Eric Nelson is <cite>Pietisten</cite>'s sports prophet.</p> <p>See all articles by <a href="/authors/NelsonEric.html">Eric Nelson</a></p> </aside> </section> </main> </body> </html>