Youngman, Owen

Owen Youngman is director of interactive media for the Chicago Tribune and a member of Libertyville, Illinois Covenant Church.

How Gene Siskel Became Movie Critic of the Chicago Tribune (Fall 1999)

When I came to the Tribune in 1971, Gene was new enough as film critic that he was still establishing a routine. That meant I’d often see him padding around the Sunday room in his stocking feet late on a weekend night, working his way through his thoughts for the next review or, taking a break from those thoughts and challenging the overnight copy boys to a 2 a.m. poker game.

Roadside Remembrances (Summer 2000)

Childhood habits are hard to break. Even today, it is the churches I notice when visiting a new location and the churches I seek out when selecting which landmarks to fit in while exploring. In fact, it’s true even in old locations; one of my favorite Christmas gifts last year was a book of photographs of churches around Chicago.