Sweeney, Jonathan

Good Friday in a shopping mall (Spring 1991)

Ludwig Wittgenstein and Paul Holmer: A Comparison (Fall 1991)

It will come as no surprise to former students of Paul Holmer that many lines of comparison can be drawn between him and Wittgenstein. It would be a mistake to name these as comparisons of thought only, because for both Wittgenstein and Holmer, distinctions cannot be drawn between thinking and living.

Paul Holmer on the Meaning of Religious Language (Spring 1992)

There are people for whom denominational tags become the source of inordinate pride. Such people, I have found through some conversation, often derive much of their denominational satisfaction from the security of tried doctrinal systems. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with firmness of conviction, so long as one is not credulous and belief does not become easy.