Swanson, Christine

Christine "Kit" Swanson has been a Peace Corps Volunteer (1998-2000) as a Lecturer at the University of Buea, Cameroon, Africa.

Africa Report Cameroon – Peace Corps (Fall 1998)

It’s October 2nd and I’ve been here in Cameroon now almost four months. The first three months were training in a town called Bandjoun (West Province), which is near the large city of Bafoussam.

A Reader in an Oral Culture (Summer 2000)

Reading Pietisten while surrounded by plantain trees with leaves four-feet long and grass that can be up to eight-feet high, I realize how important the pietist book culture has been to me. Let me begin, in oral culture style, with a story.

A Village Funeral in Cameroon (Winter 2000)

I spent Christmas Eve, 1998 in Cameroon, West Africa, with another Peace Corps volunteer, watching a Nigerian "home movie." These movies are products of studios in Onitsha, about 250 miles from where I lived. The plots often involve fashionable young urbanites who use love medicine or cast evil spells to get their way. In one, a victim is brought home to his village for funeral rites.

Introduction to Fiskar-Sofia: Pioneer Pastor’s Wife (Summer 2002)

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of translating a memoir by Sofia Franklin. Sofia was the wife of August W. Franklin, an early leader in the Covenant Church.