Swanson, Barbara

Barbara and Steve Swanson pastor in Malmö, Sweden, where their ministries include working with refugees, immigrants, and asylum-seekers, and Christian formation. To connect with the Swansons, visit https://giving.covchurch.org/personnel-detail/BarbaraandSteveSwanson.

A mosaic of faith in Europe (Fall/Winter 2014)

Mosaic: a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small pieces of stone or tile. Also, a combination of diverse elements forming a more or less coherent whole.

How we do church tillsammans in Malmö (Spring/Summer 2023)

This is the text that Pastor F. M. Johnson used to begin his sermon at the 1885 organizational meeting of the Covenant Church—though I am certain that he read those words in Swedish! It speaks to the deep call to unity which marked those faithful pioneers. That same spirit of unity in Christ has impressed me as we have lived and worked in Malmö, Sweden for the past six years.