Sundholm, Jim

Jim Sundholm has served as a pastor and as director of Covenant World Relief for the Evangelical Covenant Church. He now resides with his wife on Maury Island, Wash.

The Seen and Unseen (Spring 1987)

Sisters and brothers in Christ, clay bodies of our ever-present Creator, containers of the light that has come loving God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, in whom we do live and in whom we do move and in whom we do have our being-present and our being-to-come. Amen.

Now Unto Him Who Is Able To Keep You from Falling (Spring 1990)

Grace and Peace to you. Peace, I say, not as the world gives, because the Peace of God is beyond the world's understanding. Therefore, Peace, as it comes from God.

It’s Sunday, but Monday’s Comin’ (Fall/Winter 2011)