Sloan, Hazel

Hazel Sloan is a member of Community Covenant Church in Minneapolis.

Sharing (Spring 1987)

Peter Sandstrom told me about this meeting approximately two months ago and asked me if I would be willing to share. "Think about it," he said, "and I'll check with you early in May." He did! I feel honored that I was asked to participate in a meeting such as this.

All That We Are (Winter 1989)

"It's ninety-six degrees with one hundred percent humidity," the weather forecaster announced. I turned off the TV, wondering if the hot temperature would disrupt my rest during the night.

Here's the Church (Fall 1990)

I had observed the young boy investigating the empty dryers and washers when I entered the laundromat. Finally, he tugged at the door of a washer in operation. Thank God, it did not budge! He sauntered back to the chair next to mine and sat down.