Pearson, Bill

Bill Pearson is a North Park College graduate (C’60), who enjoys retirement in Minnesota with wife and family. He has written four books and a play about the wonders of Christian old age, and tells stories as old guys should.

The Great Crusade—Ivar’s Crew Prevails (Winter 2005)

The armor was cleaned and polished. The tools of battle were honed with great love and respect until they shone brighter than the mid-day sun. The battlefield was chosen, measuring some 6200 yards in length by 32.6 yards in width. Nerves were taut. Emotions ran high. Last letters to loved ones were penned and signed. Soon it would begin.

The man in the tower (Spring/Summer 2019)

The “humps” were a big deal in Galesburg, Illinois, my home town. Galesburg is located on the main railroad line from Chicago to Denver, and ultimately the West Coast. Today the railroad is known as BNSF - Burlington Northern Santa Fe. When I was a kid, Galesburg was on two main lines from Chicago to the west, a rarity for a town of 25,000 people.

Surrounded by the old hymns (Fall/Winter 2020)

I did not understand the way I was feeling this day. I was stopped up. My throat felt constricted. Yes, I had had a bad go with allergies this entire summer. My eyes were constantly running. I had taken all the usual remedies but with no relief.