Nelson, Bryce

Bryce Nelson is a retired educator, and member of First Covenant Church, Seattle.

Zoom conventicle (Fall/Winter 2023-2024)

Every Friday at noon about 15 men from Seattle’s First Covenant Church say “hello” to each other on Zoom. They gather to read, hear, discuss, and find meaning in biblical texts. A few participants informally call this a “Zoom conventicle.” The “Zoom” part is obvious, but the obscure term “conventicle” doesn’t indicate the gathering’s format, content, or purpose. The First Covenant Church newsletter labels it a “Men’s Bible Reading,” and most churches would call it a Bible Study. Today if some friends gathered on Zoom to read, hear, and discuss biblical texts, then could the term “conventicle” accurately describe that gathering, or is it just “in the tradition” of a conventicle?