Myung, Phyllis

Phyllis Myung lives in Boston, Massachusetts, and is director for the Next Generation Ministry of Highrock Church, Acton, where she serves families, children and youth. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, she has a penchant for East Coast living and enjoys searching for the best burger in town, writing and blogging, and spending time with friends and family.

Our siblings’ keeper (Fall/Winter 2020)

Last year, my family and I took a long-anticipated trip to South Korea. The last time I had been there was nearly thirty years ago. In preparation for this big family trip, I made two lists. One was for all the food we wanted to make sure to eat and the second was a list of all the places I wanted my daughter to experience, most of which were places I had frequented during my childhood visits. I can tell you that almost everything on both of those lists got checked off. It was quite a memorable trip, but there was one experience at a baseball game there that kept tugging at me after we got back.