Mary was Penrod's mother. He sends us her manuscripts when he has none of his own.

A Horse Story (Summer 1989)

Some time in the later '20s, not far from the Congo River, we acquired three horses: Colonel — Lloyd's horse — brown with some white, a beautiful spirited Arabian; DanEsther's horse — all brown, solid and dependable, but not as fast as Colonel; June — Reginald's horse (Reg was only a little more that three years old) — lighter brown in color, gentle and easy to manage.

About Giving and Receiving (Fall 1990)

After my children all had their own homes, I was alone in the old family home.

A Christmas Wedding (Winter 1990)

It was Saturday night at the parsonage on the northern edge of frozen Minnesota one December years ago. The usual round of baths was in progress, each bather enjoying the delicious warmth of the bath, when there was a knock on the door.