Mampel, David

David Mampel entertains children and adults in Palo Alto.

Traveler (Selected Passages) (Fall 1987)

Ground-breaking (Spring 1990)

The Old Painter (Summer 1991)

The Ministry of Laughter (Fall 2004)

When Phil Johnson asked me to write an article about clowning for Pietisten, I immediately said “yes” because it presented an opportunity to examine my life as a clown and celebrate all the joys it has given me over the years.

Communication with Children (Christmas 2008)

David Mampel, a clown by calling, is known as Daffy Dave. He has entertained and educated children in the San Francisco Bay area for years. His article “The Ministry of Laughter” appeared in Pietisten, Fall 2004. This article is a reprint of an address he gave to The Ethical Society of St. Louis in February.