Latifoglu, Ahu

Ahu Latifoglu is a free-lance interpreter living in Istanbul, Turkey.

Two Different Worlds? (Summer 1989)

As an eighteen-year-old exchange student, I have been observing and learning about the American culture in the past ten months. Having some close American friends in Turkey, I had some ideas about American culture before I arrived here. However, throughout my stay in the USA, I have constantly been in the process of learning something new.

Ready for an Armageddon? (Spring 1991)

Today is my birthday. I'm in my room, munching on my birthday cookies, listening to a '50s song on the radio. I got a heavenly gift today: the first snowflakes of the year. Everything is perfect, almost everything. Deep in my heart there's a question that has been bothering me all day: will I be able to celebrate my birthday next year?

Critical Thinking about Islam (Winter 2001-2002)

My Western (non-Muslim) friends and Pietisten have asked me to give them a Muslim perspective on the events of September 11 and subsequent developments. I have struggled with this task because I have feared to be the token Muslim and I have asked myself if I dared speak as a Muslim. How much do I know about religion? I am anything but an expert on religion, terrorism, or Afghanistan.