Johnson, Dan

Dan Johnson, a North Park College graduate (C’68), is a retired public school and university educator. He and wife Ruth live in Salem, Oregon and are members of Trinity Covenant Church.

Tribute to Stanley L. Holme (Fall/Winter 2020)

Stanley Lawrence Holme M.D. was born in Stambaugh, Michigan on February 17, 1934. He and his older sister Alice and brother Mel were raised in a Christian home by father Sigvald and mother Laura (Larson) Holme. Stan loved his childhood growing up in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where he learned to love the outdoors. He was a true “Yooper” and proud of it.

Gifts from my father (Fall/Winter 2021)

During the pandemic I found myself with plenty of time to think and reflect. One object of my musing had been the resolution of the four boxes of my father’s diaries lingering in our garage. His diaries began in 1922 and ended in 2000. My father, Rev. Walter W. Johnson, son of Swedish immigrants, was born in Los Angeles in 1901, and died in 2002. He was a pastor and chaplain in the Evangelical Covenant Church for 72 years.