Hawkinson, Erik

Erik G. Hawkinson is the former Dean of North Park Seminary. Dean Hawkinson was beloved by many. He died May 15, 1984.

When I Am Gone (Winter 1988)

The Towel: John 13:3, 4 (Fall 1990)

There is never a day so long, but there comes at last the time for evensong. As part of my evensong, I wish to thank you for these beautiful days we have spent together. I said in Mission Springs, and I can say here, that I never begin a conference like this without a great fear and I never end it without a great regret.

The Burden Bearer: Isaiah 53:5-6 (Spring 1991)

I love every portrait of Jesus, both the prophetic portraits in the Old Testament and the historical portraits in the New. I love him as a miracle-worker. I love him as a teacher. I love him as a familiar friend. I love him as a returning Saviour. But under present circumstances, I think I love him best as the burden-bearer.

Zenos (Winter 1999)

The feelings are like it just happened yesterday. But it happened almost two years ago. My grandfather died of a stroke.

Leave Me Alone (Summer 1999)

I’m driving down the highway and a car passes me on the right. As it passes, I see on the back bumper a shiny outline of a fish. I shake it off and continue down the road until I see a huge sign that says: "The Lord is God!"

Out and About (Summer 2002)

First reflection on crossing the Atlantic; California Wedding