Hardin, Michael

All This And Hot Water, Too (Winter 1989)

Tracing the Roots of a Denomination (Summer 1990)

If there is one thing we know about the modern world, it is this: what we know is always changing. As access to information increases, and as disciplines become more specialized, our general theories and paradigms are put to the acid test more frequently than we would like. The theories of history have been tested by more vigorous discipline. Newer, comparative methods of research have uncovered what historians of earlier periods could not have dreamed possible. The sources already available have not changed, but the integration of disciplines has brought about a change in our understanding of the sources.

A Testament to Freedom — A Review Essay (Summer 1991)

Burton Nelson and Geffrey Kelly have given the English-speaking world a great gift in their work on Dietrich Bonhoeffer. They have produced a collection of the essential writings of Bonhoeffer in one volume. Bonhoeffer’s writings have been edited, reedited and translated in over seventeen volumes in the past thirty-five years, but here in one volume, one can find selections judiciously arranged that lead one to the heart of Bonhoeffer, the pastor and theologian.

The Heritage of the Covenant: Agenda for Dialogue (Fall 1991)

In recent years the heritage of the Covenant and its self-definition have come into debate. Paul Larsen’s Mission of a Covenant has been, in some respects, the catalyst for this debate. An article delivered as a 1985 Nyvall lecture but published after Mission adds further clues as to President Larsen’s theological agenda.