Elde, Carol

Carol Elde is a counselor who works for United Health Group in the Twin Cities.

Hanna’s Daughters A Novel of Three Generations (Spring 2000)

"The sins of the fathers are inflicted on the children into the third and fourth generation," begins Marianne Frediksson in the foreword of her contemporary Swedish novel, Hanna’s Daughters. "What about the deeds of mothers?" she goes on to muse.

Simon’s Family (Spring 2001)

Simon’s Family, A Novel of Mothers and Sons by Marianne Fredriksson, Ballantine 1300 KS, 1999. 306 pp. $14 paperback.

A Bird on My Hand (Fall/Winter 2015)

Review of A Bird on My Hand by Mary Bevis

Come into the Kitchen (Fall/Winter 2022)

Thumbprint Cookies and Krumkake