Eklund, Rebekah

Rebekah Eklund is Associate Pastor of Bethlehem Covenant Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Covenant Bible College (Fall 2004)

“Think you know Bible college?” asks the Covenant Bible College (CBC) website. If you answered yes, and you’ve never heard of CBC, prepare to have your perceptions changed.

The Young Pietists (Winter 2004-2005)

It all began as a late-night ramble among a few friends. We were in Washington, DC, attending Call to Renewal’s Pentecost 2004 conference on hunger and poverty. Call to Renewal (a national network of churches, faith-based organizations, and individuals working to overcome poverty in America) had encouraged us to come as part of an “emerging leaders” track (apparently, if you are under 30, you are “emerging”). It was exciting, a bit intoxicating even, to gather in one room with so many pastors, denominational leaders, and community organizers united around God’s call to care for the poor.