Bowman, Arthur

Arthur Bowman, former Covenant and Lutheran pastor, works for the Archdiocese of St. Paul as an Interim Parish Life Administrator. Presently he is on assignment to St. Joan of Arc in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Confessions of an Ex-Covenanter (Fall 1990)

The title of this article might lead many readers to think that Pietisten has gone tabloid. Some Christian magazine or other may pick up on the tabloid style in an effort to boost circulation to the heavens, but not Pietisten. Its calling is higher. Let some other publication pander to the prurient passions of Protestants.

A Parable of Salvation (Fall 1998)

Joel had been circumcised on the eighth day after his birth, becoming officially Jewish, a member of Israel. But Joel grew to manhood with little sense of his Jewishness. He did not attend synagogue nor did he go through Bar Mitzvah. He was just your average American baby boomer looking after his own career and interests as best he could. All that changed one fall day.

Reunion in Saint Paul (Summer 2002)

The Championship Tournament of college hockey reunited two North Parkers after 36 years. Arthur Bowman and David Ekberg each, unknown to the other, composed an account of it for Pietisten.

A Man’s Best Friend (Winter 2005)

Canine metaphors seem to abound in reference to the new pope, Benedict. A local bishop referred to the newly elected pope as “our German Shepherd.” Benedict XVI has also been called a Rotweillor and a Doberman pinscher. To his credit, the bishop was trying to emphasize the pastoral qualities of the new pope. Others, with a more critical bent, have sought to portray the new pontiff as an attack dog with Nazi tendencies.