Anderson, Craig E.

Craig E. Anderson is a retired Pastor and Covenant Central Conference Administrator who lives in Punta Gorda, Florida. He is a board member of the Warner Sallman Art Collection.

Jack Lundbom’s Magnum Opus (Summer 2006)

At the end of last year Doubleday published the final volume, Jeremiah 37-52, of Dr. Jack R. Lundbom’s magisterial three volume commentary on the Book of Jeremiah. Volume one, Jeremiah 1-20, came out in 1999 and volume two, Jeremiah 21-36, was published in early 2004. The three books (more than 2200 pages in all) are a part of the prestigious Anchor Bible Commentary Series edited by the late William Foxwell Albright and David Noel Freedman. They represent a monumental achievement in biblical scholarship by one of the sons of the Covenant Church.

The Mystery of Christ, According to Sallman (Epiphany 2010)

Our commitment to honor Sallman and his religious art is not driven by a desire to suggest that his work rivals that of, say, Raphael or Rembrandt, although we do want him to be taken seriously. Rather we pay tribute to his memory and work because his art has touched the lives of countless people in America and throughout the world.