Ahlberg, Donna

Originally from the East Coast, Donna Ahlberg has lived with her husband Duff on their cattle farm near Iron River, Michigan for 33 years. She is a retired social worker who enjoys an exegetical challenge.

Truth and Promises (Fall/Winter 2018)

Truth and promises can be in harmony with one another, or in disharmony. Promises built on a foundation of truth will flourish and be honorable. Promises built on a foundation of deception will ultimately wither and die. I want to talk about these two themes from this text – truth and promises.

A litmus test of love (Fall/Winter 2020)

In our text from Exodus, we hear the Lord God say to Moses, “You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself.” This is a reference to God’s mighty power in inflicting the twelve plagues on the Egyptians so that they would “let my people go.” I hope that sounds familiar to you. It is foundational in a Christian child’s upbringing, also in a Jewish child’s faith life. God’s crushing power rescues the Israelites from four hundred years of slavery in Egypt. In the Old Testament, we learn of God’s love for his chosen people, the Israelites.